KU SOB - DEAN Message

Agnimitra Biswas

Prof Agnimitra Biswas

Dean, KU School of Business

Post Graduate Diploma in Management (IIM Calcutta),  
BTech in Electronics & Electrical Communication Engg (IIT Kharagpur)
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The young, talented and vibrant aspirants today face a tough and non-linear environment. This, in turn, has a bearing on the way our youthenvisages and prepares for vocation. Indeed, along with conceptual clarity the student needs to possess and demonstrate contextual familiarity to ensure growth.
At Kaziranga University, we inculcate values through a systematic and comprehensive coverage of contemporary developments coupled with modern industry practices. The learner is able to keep himself abreastof key economic and business issues through structured reading. Our faculty facilitates this reinforcement in all KU students. A key component of our academic delivery is the extensive use of case studies and solving real world problems. Each of our programs has a number of relevant cases that help students in understanding various scenarios and perspectives besides upgrading of analytical skills. In the process, the student goes beyond just answering questions and attains the expertise of questioning some of the answers. A great deal of emphasis is placed on undertaking academic and co-curricular assignments through working in teams. Role plays are used to help understand the dynamics of actual working and professional scenario. Besides sharpening the learner's interpersonal skills, these attributes prove to be an enabler during two months of rigorous internship in the industry, which is an indispensable part of our program requirements.
To facilitate students develop both national and global perspective,the university adopts an exhaustive ‘Immersion’of students covering academics and co-curricular inputs at two institutions of repute, one located within the country and the other abroad.
Alongside academic exposure,KU students get an excellent opportunity on campus to engage themselves in socially and culturally relevant initiatives so as to develop a sense of belonging and responsibility for the environment.
With this holistic philosophy in place at Kaziranga University, we believe and can also assure thatKU students will emerge not just as university's brand ambassadors but as conscientious, self-driven and result oriented citizens.