KU SSS - Message from Dean


Prof.(Dr) B.N. Borthakur

Dean, KU School of Social Sciences

PhD - Sociology, MA - Sociology - Dibrugarh University
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KU – School of Social Sciences impartsknowledge of social work and sociology in order to familiarize the students with two vital disciplines of contemporary society. Dear students, the learning in these two disciplines will enable you to comprehend decisively the current socio-economic problems of the society, and to find out feasible and effective ways and means to overcome them. The know-how will help you extend a helping hand to emancipate the weaker sections and downtrodden communities from age-old practices of exploitation, deprivation and discrimination.
The Masters in Social Work / Sociology is not a degree alone; it is an experience and an insight into the harsh, yet promising real world. This program intends to bring a strategic shift in your approach and perspective towards life and the society of which you are an indispensable and key part.
Conceptual learning will be imparted through theory-based classes, which are designed as such on the lines of lecture sessions and audio-visual presentations with regular and essential inputs from functional specialists. Other notable features of social sciences at the Kaziranga University School are field work training in rural camps and NGOs which will assist you develop a realistic perspective on varied situations.