Dr. Sunil Rai

Dr. Sunil Rai


The North Eastern Knowledge Foundation, which realizesand respects core human values, has reached out to the younger generation of the country with supreme and promising platform for higher education by way of establishing Kaziranga University in Jorhat, Assam. This avenue, full of optimistic future for learners, has undertaken the task with the sole motto, 'The Center of Excellence for Tomorrows' Talent'.

The students of the Assam Kaziranga University, Jorhat must feel enthused and privileged enough, for exploiting the opportunity of entering a new seat of learning where we promise and provide innovative avenues for a bright future. In real sense,superiority of any university is assessed more by the success of students it turns out than the ones it takes in. At Kaziranga University, we can assure to transform lives by imparting best knowledge; to make successful professionals out of the untrained youth; to convert invincible spirit of youth into proactive agencies of advancement and prosperity.

Kaziranga University is the home of apt and reliable strategies for inclusive development of students. Informative and expert lectures by visiting intellectual resources from renowned local and overseas educational institutions as well as from industry add to skills of learners. This comes with value addition programs on top of class room teaching and national and international exposure at other educational institutes. Realising the trend of the contemporary market, emphasis is given to equip students with skills for their successful employability.

Besides, the course curriculum of every school of KU University is so conceptualized and designed that the distinctive capabilities of students manifest themselves in due course of learning with the earnest guidance of their teachers.