‘Education is the Foremost Pillar of Development’, and at the same time, it is the liability of every education providing establishment to recognize the fact that books, facts, established laws and science are just the basics; beyond them is the ocean of opportunities, where new inventions and revolutions help to enable and sustain holistic growth and progress.

The North-East region of India is filled with immense potential and capabilities, which, if tapped in a sustainable and efficient manner, will deliver outcomes that go beyond expectations. Kaziranga University aims to move with the same goal of identifying and nurturing the aptitude of our youth. The university envisions itself to be a place of paramount academic excellence that can produce citizens capable of bringing in novel innovations and contribute to society. Our Vision
The mission of this esteemed university is to make North-East India the genesis of firsthand technologies and socio-economic discoveries. It aims to enable students to understand and develop their inherent special abilities and create a place and a country filled with not just job-seekers, but entrepreneurs and decision-makers. Our Mission