The Assam Kaziranga University believes in all round development of the student fraternity. Students enrolled in the university not only concentrate on academics, but are also encouraged to take part in various co-curricular activities. To support the vision of the University, which aims at achieving holistic development and excellence in all areas for all the students, the KU student life is enriched with activities of the University’s various Clubs and Societies that engage the students in numerous fields.
Kaziranga University has five student clubs, under which students engage in and participate in organizing and conducting events throughout the year.


Body and Soul ClubBody and Soul ClubAn idle mind is the devil’s workshop! The Body and Soul Club of Kaziranga University operates with this motto in mind, to engage the student community in a number of sports activities and mindfulness sessions. The Body & Soul Club conducts various sporting events among the students of KU, and also organizes numerous intra and inter University/College sporting competitions and training sessions on a regular basis.



Performing Arts ClubArts and Culture ClubThe Art and Culture Club of Kaziranga University keeps alive the many passions and talent of the University students. It provides a platform to the students to showcase their talents in art, music and other forms of fine art. From keeping alive the traditions of dance, drama and art, to exploring and entertaining new forms, this club definitely keeps the students on their toes!



Literary ClubLiterary ClubThe newest Club of Kaziranga University, the Literary Club came into being when a group of ardent book lovers, writers, poets and readers got together to give a platform to their passion for the literary arts. From organizing weekly film and documentary screenings, to organizing book reviews, releases, writing seminars, competitions and events, the Literary Club engages the KU student body with a number of fun activities.



Community ClubCommunity ClubThe Community Club operates with a mission to carry forward the message of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)of Kaziranga University to the community at large. The club engages itself in organising various activities among the local community outside the KU campus, as well as conducting numerous in house events, campaigns and drives. Some of the noteworthy activities which the club has initiated are Blood Donation Camp, Swacch Bharat Abhiyan, Community Tree Plantations, Flood Relief initiatives and more.



Entrepreneurship ClubEntrepreneurship ClubCombining the existing Innovation and Corporate Clubs, the Entrepreneurship Club is the one for those with inventive ideas, originality and creativity. The club aims to connect the students with the latest in the fields of science, technology, management and entrepreneurship. Working in tandem with Corporates, Business Houses, Technical Institutes and Academic enterprises, the club’s events, organized on a regular basis, are an attempt to inculcate among the students a spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship.