BatsoratRongali 2018’ celebrated at Kaziranga University

Upholding the great traditions of Assam, Kaziranga University celebrated the onset of the festive season by organizing a RongaliBihu celebration ‘BatsoratRongali’ on the 10th of April 2018 at the University campus. The Art and Culture Club of the University took the lead in organizing this afternoon of merry-making and rejoicing to commemorate the onset of RongaliBihu. Under the aegis of the University, the club had a line-up of talent being showcased both from the students, faculty and staff of the university and alsohosted guest performances as well.

The sound of music and the splendour of performativity began to unfold with the rendition of the opening act by SamannoyNrityaJagran, a dance group based out of Jorhat, whose dance enactments to the popular Dr. BhupenHazarika’s number – Manuhemanuhorbabei, jodiheaukonunebhabei,conveying the message of inclusivity, hope and collectivity, got the audience going and engaged. The message of the song, to the tunes and melodies of which the dancers were performing, only became more pertinent with their subsequent short-enactments, in which, through their dances, they depicted the ways in which the festival of harvest, is celebrated by the different ethnicities within the state of Assam. They concluded by an enactment of the regional song of Assam – O Mur ApunarDekh, succinctly wrapping up their show. Following the dance group was our next performer – SaptakSamannoyGusthi, whose classic Bihu numbers, including elaborate instrumentation and bodily dance movements, were appreciated and applauded by all.

The opening act of the KU family rolled in, commensurate to the rendition of JengBihu, by the staff and faculty of the University. This was followed suit by performances by Kaziranga University students, much appreciated by all. The star attraction of the evening wasBishal Sharma, Winner of the nationally televised Dance TV show Super Dancer, Chapter 2. The applause, the cheer and the encouragement received by this pre-teen wonder, was indeed a sight to behold!The event as a whole was interspersed with delectables and delicacies, pithas and larus, all home cooked, being put out for sale by those interested in the culinary arts from the KU family.

Keeping in mind the harmony and camaraderie brought forth by Bihu every year, this event was Kaziranga University’s attempt to contribute to the festive season, by bringing together the KU family and guests from all over the region in a single warm and festive platform.

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