Induction Programme for New Students held at Kaziranga University on 20th-21st August 2018

Kaziranga University welcomed freshers with a 2-day induction programme, attended by students of all five schools (SET, SOB, SSS, SCS and SBS). This two-day programme was held on the 20th and 21st of August, 2018. On Day One, the induction was held for the students of the School of Social Sciences (SSS) and the School of Engineering and Technology (SET), while on Day Two, it was held for the School of Business (SOB), the School of Basic Sciences (SBS) and the School of Computing Sciences (SCS).

On both the days, the programme began with introductory speeches for the benefit of the new students, familiarizing them with Kaziranga University’s rules and regulations as well as highlighting the opportunities KU has to offer to the students and how they can make the most out of their time at Kaziranga University. Dr. P.K Mishra, Hon’ble Vice Chancellor of Kaziranga University addressed the gathering, welcoming the new students to an undeniably exciting part of their lives. The Chief Guest for Day One was Mr. Deb Kumar Majumdar, Partner and Executive director, IBM India, whose talk largely focused on the interconnectedness and interdependency between the worlds of technology and human society.

The second day saw as Chief Guest Professor (Dr.) J.S.Patil, Vice-Chancellor of National Law University and Judicial Academy, Assam, whose talk centered around the questions of intellectual property rights and how these may be relevant to forming and forging newer discourses on the questions of identities and nationalism. Tutorial lectures were delivered on both days by the University Authorities including the Registrar Prof. Tarun Kumar, Dean of Student Affairs Maj. Gen (Retd.) Sukesh Rakshit, Head of Career Development and Placement Centre Prof. Puranjoy Das and the Head of Admissions, Mr. Bobby Roy.

The Induction programme also comprised of an engaging life skills workshop, facilitated by the renowned motivational speaker and soft skills facilitator, Mr. Vikramaditya Chaudhury. Calling himself a ‘dream merchant’, Mr. Chaudhuri’s workshop session focused on how best the students are to prepare themselves mentally, physically and socially to deal with the harsh realities of competitions, by having self-belief, self-control and self-motivation and inculcating these virtues habitually and without any compromises. Through real life examples and narratives, humour and impersonations, and audio-visual engagement, his talk brought out the mundane possibilities through which society conditions, controls and manages people’s lives, which could be averted and overcome, with the undying spirit of having an optimistic and goal-centric self-conviction.

With the plethora of do’s and don’ts, the breadth and scope of avenues to take up, the thought provoking speeches and the motivational sessions, the new students were certainly equipped with the necessary gear that would enable them to make the most out of the Kaziranga University experience.

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