Kaziranga University Commemorates Surgical Strike Day 2018

PARAKRAM PARVA: A Tribute to the Indian Soldier


On the second anniversary of the Surgical Strike by the Indian Army, a commemoration ceremony was held in the KU Auditorium from 11:30 am onwards, on 29th September 2018. A talk was delivered by Maj. Gen (Retd) Sukesh Rakshit to students and faculty members including our NCC cadets. The event was organized to showcase the valour and professionalism of the Indian Armed Forces against out adversary Pakistan. The Surgical Strike was an unparalleled success, having been carried out with utmost secrecy, surprise and stealth. The Special Forces were able to decimate five to six terrorist launch pads across the Line of Control in Jammy & Kashmir.

Parakram Parva was a strategic statement to our adversaries and the international community that India is capable of carrying out such surgical strikes at a time and place of our choosing. The event paid tribute to the superlative professionalism of the Indian Soldier.

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