School of Social Sciences

The School of Social Sciences offers Bachelor’s, Master’s and Integrated programmes which aim to enable successful candidates to be absorbed in respectable positions in both public sector organizations as well as the corporate world. Students are exposed to the social realities, the social system, their dynamics and the process of social change therein and at the same time, they get an opportunity to internalize own values and attitudes and increase personal effectiveness and grow as professionals.

The course contents have been specially designed to familiarize the students with two most important disciplines of present day society - Social Work and Sociology. The knowledge of these two disciplines will enable them to understand the basic socio – economic problems of the people of the society and to find out ways and means to overcome them. Further, it will help them to extend a helping hand to emancipate the weaker sections/downtrodden communities of the society from the age-old exploitation, deprivation and discrimination.

The School of Social Sciences offers the following courses :

  • BSW
  • BA Sociology
  • BSW - MSW
  • BA – MA Sociology
  • MSW
  • MA (Sociology)