School of Social Sciences

KU SSS envisions  for  building trusteeship within different communities for a peaceful, happy  living and make a  better society for present and future generations , one that empowers people – particularly those in the community who are most vulnerable – to live  meaningful, healthy, dignified,  secure and sustainable lives.

KU SSS is a social catalyst which builds Social Engineers in an interdisciplinary approach to relentlessly work for a progressive society where cultural ethos can be humanely blended with scientific temperament. We bring about change through high quality and high impact teaching, skilling, research and action research, providing consulting and advisory services in social development projects, incubating innovative solutions for the people at the bottom of  pyramid ,  facilitating public debate and policy advocacy on major social issues through deep engagement with all stakeholders like , our communities, civil society organisations, law makers and representatives of government and local government functionaries . We empower individuals with the knowledge and skills to make positive personal choices in daily life; we influence structures, systems and institutions that impact on how people lead their lives and empower communities through social change.

Constantly growing demand of social development professionals in diverse sectors and sub sectors necessitates better designed training pedagogy along with, interdisciplinary curriculum, practice mentoring for new generation professionals and retraining/ reskilling of existing professionals. KU SSS constantly adapts to the changing requirements of the society and work for innovative solutions to the emerging socio-economic problems of the society. This necessitates having a dynamic curriculum, effective teaching pedagogy and mentoring which can better equip the students to convert themselves as efficient professionals when they join their world of work.

KU SSS offers the following courses :