Kaziranga University Celebrated ‘International Yoga Day’

The ‘International Yoga Day’ is celebrated at Kaziranga University, Assam on 21st June 2017 with enthusiastic participation of the stakeholders. The Registrar, Dr. Debasish Panda welcomed all at the beginning through his address. Administrative heads, faculty members, staff members, students attended the event with an objective to learn “Integration of body, mind and soul” from the Leaders.

Yoga revitalises our mind and body and teaches us the value of discipline. The International Yoga Day was a great opportunity for the faculty and staff members of Kaziranga University to discuss and understand the different benefits of Yoga postures. The session started with the discussion on importance of yoga, which was followed by warm up exercises and Surya Namaskar. The different steps were demonstrated and its usage was explained. The staff members practiced some of the common asanas which included Dhanura asana, Chakra Asana,Bhujanga asana etc. and ended with meditation. The event concluded with a pledge to practice Yoga in the campus after the working hours which is thought to enhance physical and mental stamina of the teaching fraternity of the university.

This Yoga day celebration, in parallel to over hundred countries in the world including United Nations, created overwhelming response from the people present in the event. The brief yet in-depth event is concluded with an expectation of repetition and sustainability as evident from the conversation of the participants.