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The Assam Kaziranga University

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The Assam Kaziranga University


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About The Assam Kaziranga University

Founded in 2012, The Assam Kaziranga University well known as KU is one of the largest private universities in North-East India. The Assam Kaziranga University has been established under the Assam Private University Act No. XII of 2007, offering state-of-the-art education and research relevant to market needs. The University has been promoted by the Trust under the banner of The North Eastern Knowledge Foundation (NEKF) and founded in the year 2012 by the Khetan Industrial Group.
The social sensitivity and responsible entrepreneurship of both the groups have helped them to imbibe a culture of proedification in their endeavour and give back the knowledge and experience to the society that they have gathered over years of service to the nation. ...

The KU insignia attempts to visualize the guiding mission and driving spirit of the University. The one-horned rhino, available nowhere else in the world but the Kaziranga belt, symbolizes uniqueness. It also stands for steadfast concentration in one's pursuit, overcoming obstacles of all kind coming in the way.

The one-horned rhino in the logo represents a confident and disciplined lifestyle that is not drifting aimlessly, but is respectfully connected to its roots. The sun on the top right corner, the timeless star of life, symbolizes knowledge as the eternal source of enlightenment. Overall, the shield is supposed to protect us from the invasion of ignorance in our lifelong pursuit of true knowledge and its humanist applications beyond.
The golden border hints at the shining glory that rewards every stellar performance upon completion.
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What is NE Knowledge Foundation ?

The Assam Kaziranga University was conceptualized with a vision towards holistic and world-class education. The entire idea is based on the premise that every human being finds identity, meaning and purpose of life through an enduring bonding with the community, with nature and with humanitarian values of compassion and peace. KU believes in and endorses the ideology of conjoining serenity of the natural environment with the best international standards of educational facilities 

This esteemed University has been promoted by the Trust under the banner of the North Eastern Knowledge Foundation, a trust registered under the Indian Trust Act 1882, and was proudly founded in the year 2012 by the Khetan Industrial Group. The University is established under the Assam Private University Act No. XII of 2007 under section 2(f) of UGC Act 1956, with the sole idea of imparting quality education to students, and achieving the status of a world class university that can offer state-of-the-art education and research avenues relevant to the contemporary world. 

The University, in a limited span of time, ...
has created a benchmark of excellence under the dynamic leadership, guidance and supervision of Dr. Prashanta Kumar Mishra, the President of NEKF. Dr. Mishra brings with him a rich experience of over 25 years in education entrepreneurship. It was his astute vision and leadership potential that has helped the University attain such echelons of success. Dr. Mishra envisioned and thus created a world-class learning environment for students of North-East India, at par with 21st century learning standards. 

The Khetan Industrial Group is headed by a visionary and self-created entrepreneur Mr. Muralidhar Khetan. Mr. Khetan started off with a firm called M/s. Hightension Electricals way back in 1959. The Group has grown in leaps and bounds over the years and has expanded to absorb companies like Neccon Power & Infra Ltd., North East Cable Pvt. Ltd., Brahmaputra Infrapower Pvt. Ltd. and North Eastern Educare and Research Pvt. Ltd. The Group, through its entrepreneurial ventures, has significantly contributed towards the socio-economic development of the region.
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Our Vision

The North-East region of India is filled with immense potential and capabilities, which, if tapped in a sustainable and efficient manner, will deliver outcomes that go beyond expectations. The Assam Kaziranga University aims to move with the same goal of identifying and nurturing the aptitude of our youth. The university envisions itself to be a place of paramount academic excellence that can produce citizens capable of bringing in novel innovations and contribute to society.

Our Mission

The mission of this esteemed university is to make North-East India the genesis of firsthand technologies and socio-economic discoveries. It aims to enable students to understand and develop their inherent special abilities and create a place and a country filled with not just job-seekers, but entrepreneurs and decision-makers.


Dr. M. D. Khetan

Chancellor, KU and Chairman,

Shri Basant Khetan

Pro-Chancellor, KU
Member Secretary, NEKF

Dr. P K Mishra

Vice Chancellor, KU
President, NEKF

Ms. Rainy Khetan

Director, Kaziranga University