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The Assam Kaziranga University

The Assam Kaziranga University-CSIR NISTADS Collaborative Initiative

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NE-STEP; Broad Goal: While Indian R&D labs have developed many technologies of relevance to the society and the industry, adequate information regarding these technologies often do not reach the students and the public. This is particularly true for the North-East. Proper exposure to the CSIR products/technologies to the students/public will have high outreach effect. It can also have triggering effects on the local SME and entrepreneurs, building a proper ecosystem for various technologies. However, such exposure is effective only if they are based on actual models available on a sustained basis.
In order to provide with much needed support for the holistic and sustainable development for the students and community across the North East India, The Assam Kaziranga University, in collaboration with CSIR National Institute of Science, Technology and Development Studies (CSIR-NISTADS) has initiated the North-East Science, Technology & Entrepreneurship Pavilion (NESTEP).
NE-STEP is being established as a facility to expose students, entrepreneurs and general public to various science and technology solutions developed in the country and to facilitate entrepreneurs to know and identify enterprise potential, with emphasis on North East.
NE-STEP: General Features:

  1. NE-STEP will be situated at The Assam Kaziranga University as an independent infrastructure with both closed and open exhibition and audio-visual facility; it will have initial closed space exhibition area of 20000 sq. ft.
  2. NE-STEP will house various actual/scaled-down models of technology primarily developed in India with supporting audio-visuals.
  3. The exhibits at NE-STEP will be collected from various national/international/private laboratories. Wherever necessary, the exhibits will be treated as properties of the owner organization, placed at the University under an Agreement for return.

The primary activities of NESTEP will include:

  1. S&T based exhibitions of products and innovation to students, entrepreneurs and public.
  2. Outdoor and Indoor exhibits with supporting audio-visuals and working models/prototypes.
  3. Periodic events with interaction sessions among scientists, students and entrepreneurs

Participation in NESTEP is open to all R&D and other organizations; for further information, please contact.

North-East Science, Technology and Entrepreneurship Platform (NESTEP)
The Assam Kaziranga University-CSIR NISTADS Collaborative Initiative
Coordinator, NESTEP

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