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Collaboration and COE | School of Social Sciences

Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India (EDII), Ahmedabad: EDII is a pioneer institute of India so far as education, training, research and action research in entrepreneurship is concerned. The Assam Kaziranga University built a formal collaboration with EDII in the year 2017 to work intensively and extensively in the areas of entrepreneurship awareness, education and promotion amongst the undergraduate and Post Graduate students of Assam and other North-East states. The collaboration has resulted in establishing an institutional design called The Assam Kaziranga University-EDII Centre for Excellence in Entrepreneurship and Innovation (KUECEEI) to undertake various activities. Currently, the Centre inter alia, undertakes Entrepreneurship Awareness Programmes, Faculty Development Programmes and incubation of start-ups, being supported by Department of Science and Technology, Govt of India. The synergy between two institutions has made a significant impact in the North East region.

Indian Institute of Entrepreneurship (IIE), Guwahati: IIE is an autonomous institute under the Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship, Government of India. So far as entrepreneurship promotion is concerned it has been making a significant contribution in the North East region.  By virtue of its focus on entrepreneurship education and research, The Assam Kaziranga University forged a collaboration with IIE to take the entrepreneurship education and promotion to the next level in the region. Faculty exchange, students’ internship in entrepreneurship, action research and knowledge development are some of the focused areas of this collaboration.

Assam Startup, A Government of Assam Initiative: The Assam Government has launched the Assam Startup Policy to promote entrepreneurship and the growth of startup culture in the state. To implement the policy, the Government has recently initiated the Assam Startup program, which aims to catalyze the startup movement in the state by motivating the youth to become job creators and providing necessary ecosystem support so that they may pursue their entrepreneurial dreams. This being one of the focus areas of The Assam Kaziranga University Assam Startup has come forward to build a partnership. The partnership will strengthen the network of Entrepreneurship Development Cells and Competency Centers located within the academic institutions across the state.

Innovative Change Collaborative India (ICCo India), New Delhi: It is part of a global initiative in the development sector and later got incorporated in India as a not for profit entity. It is working to achieve the twin core principles of ‘Securing Sustainable Livelihoods’ and ‘Justice and Dignity for All’. ICCo works in the areas of food and nutrition security, clean energy, agriculture value-chain development, children and youth. Through its various interventions, the organization has supported more than 100 partners across the country and directly impacted more than 70000 lives as of now. The partnership with TAKU is intended to build a synergy combine efforts to achieve their common objectives of addressing India’s development challenges through partnership. Both TAKU and ICCo understand and appreciate that there is a significant scope for synergy in achieving their respective vision and goals by mutual collaboration. The major areas of collaboration are students’ internship, placement, knowledge development and dissemination, IT enable solutions from TAKU to different interventions of ICCo and participation of ICCo’s experts in academic activities of TAKU.

National Institute of Science, Technology and Development Studies NISTADS, a CSIR institution, New Delhi: NISTADS is devoted to study various aspects of interaction among science, society and state. It is one of the 38 insyitutions of Government of India’s Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR). TAKU has been collaborating with NISTADS in the areas of Socio-Economics of Science and Technology; Future Application of Science and Technology; Climate Change, Adaptation, Mitigation and Sustainability. Besides, TAKU organises policy discourse every year in collaboration with NISTADS, with special focus on various issues relating to Sustainable Development of North East region.

UNESCO Association: The Clubs, Centres and Associations for UNESCO are groups of volunteers of different ages and socio-professional status in various institutions or civil society organisations who become proactive in the service of UNESCO’s ideals. It was established under the aegis of the National Commissions for UNESCO, these Clubs, Centres and Associations are grouped into national, regional and international networks, for the purpose of acting in UNESCO’s fields of competence at the grass-root level. The Assam Kaziranga University is one of the institutions in the country to have this privilege of building a partnership with UNESCO association.
The partnership focuses on varied activities promoting the information and knowledge dissemination of universal peace, harmony based on the UNESCO principles and UN declaration of Sustainable Development Goals. Joint programmes and activities are organised by students and faculty members of TAKU and officials of UNESCO Association for the student community. National and International exposure opportunities are created for students to understand how these activities are undertaken in various parts of the country and world.

Centre for Social Medicine and Community Health, Jawaharlal Nehru University (CSMCH-JNU): JNU being a leading university in the country, The Assam Kaziranga University is privileged to build collaboration with it to leverage its expertise in various academic and research activities in Assam and Northeast region. The partnership focuses on the exchange of faculty members, exchange of students and research scholars, joint academic research activities, seminars, workshops, exchange of academic materials and research tools and organising short term modular programmes.

Balipara Foundation: Balipara Foundation is a pioneer in experimenting with ecological protection and restoration of the Eastern Himalayan Region through the concept of Naturenomics. The Foundation is structured as a Conservation Incubator, which channelises the efforts of multiple agencies by providing a common platform with expertise in Project Resourcing, Research, Technology & Advocacy. It focuses its efforts on Habitat Mapping, Planning & Restoration, Research, Innovation & Application and Policy Advocacy, Investment & Publication. Through the principles of Naturenomic, it seeks to preserve a balance between conservation imperatives and human development through the creation of ecologically compliant assets. The Assam Kaziranga University has built a partnership to leverage the foundation’s expertise on field-based research and sustainable development through the exchange of knowledge, students’ internship, placement research and development activities involving the students and faculty members.

Anthropos India Foundation (AIF): It is a trust registered under the Trust Act since 2012 having its registered office in New Delhi. A group of eminent academics and practitioners came together to establish this institution to promote the discipline of anthropology; its philosophy and methods. It aims to conduct Anthropological research. It has been working with the objective to produce visual narratives, interpretation of culture and take positive action in co-operation with the Government, organizations, institutions/universities and like-minded civil society organizations. Anthropos India Foundation in its endeavor to expand its activities across the country has built a partnership with The Assam Kaziranga University (TAKU). The major areas of collaboration are to promote Anthropological Methods and Methodology, Women and Child Safety and Protection, Disaster Management and Risk Reduction, Women’s Rights and Safety, Traditional Knowledge System and Indigenous Healing Practices, Rural Livelihoods and innovations, Public health and research on diseases and Labour issues. Both AIF and TAKU jointly conduct research and organize training programs/ seminars/ conferences/ workshops on common topics of interest and developing relevant course curriculum and initiate diploma and certificate courses.

Humanitarian Aid International (HAI): HAI is an Indian humanitarian organization, registered under Indian Trusts Act, 1882 and having its registered office in Delhi. A group of experts in humanitarian sector came together to build an organisation which can not only work in India but also in other parts of the world. It builds network of civil society organisations, research institutions and universities working in humanitarian sector. In the North East region, The Assam Kaziranga University is the first institution to build collaboration with HAI based on its continuous response to humanitarian needs in natural and human made disasters. The main thematic focus areas of collaboration with HAI are, 1) humanitarian response, 2) humanitarian advocacy, 3) disaster risk reduction and 4) climate change & adaptation.