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Dr. Govinda Prasad Bhandari

Designation: Associate Professor


Academic Qualifications:

  • Ph.D (Dept. Management, NEHU)
  • Qualified UGC NET
  • MA in Economics (Gauhati University)
  • BA (Major in Economics), 1st class first in Economics (Dibrugarh University)


  • Academic : 12 years
  • Research : Actively involved in Ph.d work during last four-half years along with teaching.

Career Highlights & Awards:

  • Received National Merit Scholarship in Post Graduate Studies
  • Papers presented in various National Seminars and also have several publications.
  • Worked as a Guest Faculty in the dept. of RDAP, NEHU.
  • Attended UGC sponsored Faculty Orientation Course and Faculty Development Programme in ICFAI and several other Meritorious Institutions.


Book Published
  • Bhandari, G.P and Ahmed, J.U (2014) “Efficacy and Working of Regional Rural Banks in India: An Implication”, Concept Publication Pvt. Ltd, New Delhi; India. (ISBN-13: 978-93-5125-043-2)
Publications in Edited Books
  • Bhandari G.P and Ahmed J.U (2012). Performance of Regional Rural Banks: A Case of Meghalaya Rural Bank. In Kamal Singha&M.Amarjit Singh (Eds.), Identity Politics and Economic Development in North East India. (pp 149-165). New Delhi: Concept Publication Pvt. Ltd. (ISBN-13: 978-93-5125-040-1).
  • Bhandari. G.P (2010). The Study of Mid-Day Meal Programme and Its Impact on Literacy in Tura Region of West Garo Hills. In Dr. Jayanal Uddin Ahmed (ed.), Development Scenario of North- East India, (pp.294-301). Guwahati (Assam): DVS Publishers. (ISBN: 978-81-86307-25-0).
  • Bhandari, G.P (2010). A Study on Microfinance in West Garo Hills District of Meghalaya. In J.U.Ahmed, D.Bhagat&G.Singaiah (Eds.), Micro Finance in India: Issues and Challenges, (pp.295-304). Guwahati (Assam): DVS Publishers. (ISBN: 978-81-86307-34-2).
  • Bhandari. G.P and Saha.S (2008). School-Dropout Female Students in Garo Hills of Meghalaya: A Study of Resubelpara Block. In L.S. Gassah(ed.), Women Empowerment Movement in North- East India, (pp.101-117). New Delhi: OMSONS Publication. (ISBN: 81-7117-231-8).
  • Sinha. H.N and Bhandari. G.P (2006). Women in Changing Power Structure in the Traditional Society of Garo Hill. In Ashok Kumar &Rajendra Prasad Athparia (Eds.), Women and Changing Power Structure in North-East India.(pp. 145-152). New Delhi: OM Publications. (ISBN: 81-86867-89-9).
Journal Publications
  • Bhandari, G.P (2016). Regional Rural Banks in India: A Study on the Operation of Assam GraminVikas Bank, ANVESHA, The Journal of Management, Vol-9, No. 1, Jan-March, 2016. (ISSN: 0974-5476).
  • Bhandari, G.P (2016). Public Sector Banks and Foreign Banks in India: A Comparative Analysis, MAIMT- Journal of IT & Management,Vol-9, No.2, April-2016, page-48-58, (ISSN: 0974-066X).
  • Bhandari, G.P (2016). Meghalaya Rural Bank and Regional Rural Banks in India: A Comparative Analysis, Edusearch, Vol-2, Issue-1, Jan-2016 (ISSN 2395-7298).
  • Bhandari, G.P (2015). Public and Private Sector Banks in India: A Comparative Analysis, Al-Barkaat Journal of Finance & Management, Vol-7, No-1, Jan-2015, page:20-30, ( ISSN:0974-7281).
  • Bhandari, G.P (2015). Operational Scenario of Commercial Banks in North East India and Rest of India, Indira Management Review, Volume-9, Issue-2, July-2015, page:22-34, (ISSN-0974-3928).
  • Bhandari, G.P (2015). A Study on Managerial Decision by the Business Managers- A Cultural Perspective, ICFAI University Nagaland Journal of Social Sciences,Vol-I, IssueNo. 2, Dec-2015, page:24-34, (ISSN-2395-3128).
  • Bhandari, G.P (2014). An Analytical Study on Loan Recovery and Asset Quality of Meghalaya Rural Bank, ANVESHA, The Journal of Management, Vol-7, No. 3, Sept.2014, page:1-10, (ISSN-0974-5467).
  • Bhandari, G.P (2014). Farm and Non-Farm Sectors Recovery Scenario in the Assam GraminVikas Bank, Vinimaya, Vol-XXXV, No.3, Dec-2014, page:34-43, (ISSN-0970-8456).
  • Bhandari, G.P (2014). A Study on the Regional Rural Banking of the North-East Region of India, Journal of Management Development & Research, Volume-4, No. 1, June,2014, page:71-77, (ISSN-2249-023X).
  • Bhandari, G.P (2014). A Study on the Physical Expansion of Commercial Banks in India, Srusti Management Review, Volume-7, Issue-2, Dec-2014, page:1-6, (ISSN-0974-4274).
  • Bhandari, G.P (2015). A Comparative Study on the Assam GrameenVikas Bank & the Meghalaya Rural Bank of North-East India, The NEF Journal of Commerce & Management, Vol-5, No. 1, June, page:1-11, (ISSN-2321-492X).
  • Bhandari, G.P (2015). National and State Level Scenario of Scheduled Commercial Banks in India- A Study in the State of Meghalaya, The NEF Journal of Commerce & Management, Vol-5, No. 2, July –Dec, page:1-12, (ISSN-2321-492X).
  • Bhandari, G.P (2014). Productivity Analysis of Public Sector Banks and the RRBs in India, The Journal of Institute of Public Enterprise, Vol-37, No. 3 & 4, Dec-2014, page:110-119, (ISSN-0971-1856).
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  • Bhandari G.P (2013), Regional Rural Banks in India: Analysis ofGrowth, Deposit and Credit Channelization, International Journal of Applied Management Research, Vol.2, No.1, Jan-2014, page:73-82, (ISSN 2347-2839).
  • Ahmed J.U, Bhandari, G.P and Ahmed, R (2013), Profitability of Regional Rural Banks in India: An Empirical Analysis in Meghalaya Rural Bank, Journal of Rural & industries Development, Volume-1, PP-1-15, page:1-15, (ISSN: 2321-1873).
  • Ahmed,J U and Bhandari, G P (2012), Productivity Analysis of Regional Rural Banks: A case Analysis of Meghalaya Rural Bank, International Journal of Business Management, Economics and Information Technology, Volume-4,pp-167-178. (ISSN:0975-296X).
Seminar Details
  • Paper presented on National Seminar on Changing Power Structure in the Traditional Societies of North East India held on 13th -14th December 2004, NEICSSR, SHILLONG.
  • Paper presented on National Seminar on Resource,Population And Development: Local and Regional Perspectives, organized by Bikali College In collaboration with The North- East India Geographical Society Deptt. Of Geography, Guwahati University held on 16th February 2003.
  • Participated on National Seminar on Rural Transformation with special Reference to North East Region, organised by Department of Commerce and Department of Economics held on 27th -28th February, 2004.
  • Participated UGC- Sponsored Seminar on The Folklore Study of North-Eastern Region with Special Reference to Garo Hills, Mendipathar College, Garo Hills.
  • Paper presented on National Seminar on Issues of Female Emancipation, Education and Social Development in the context of North-East India on 5th -6th June 2006, NEICSSR, SHILLONG.
  • Paper presented on National Seminar on National Seminar on North East India in the context of New economic Policy on 8th - 9th December,2006.
  • Paper presented on National Seminar on Population Dynamics in North East India held on 4th -5th June 2007, NEICSSR, SHILLONG.
  • Participated seminar on Sustainable Rural Development organized by Don Bosco College, Tura and sponsored by Khadi and Village Industries Commission, Shillong held on 30th December 2009.
  • Paper presented on National Seminar on National Seminar on Micro-Finance Revolution: understanding its success and sustainability, Organized by Department of Management, NEHU, Tura Campus, Meghalaya held on 19th - 20th June, 2009.
Faculty Development Programme
  • Participated in the UGC Sponsored Faculty Orientation Programme from for one month in DeenDayal University, Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh.
  • Participated in the one week Faculty Development Programme in the Institute of Chartered Financial Analyst of India University, Tripura.