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Dr. Ashwini Kumar Sharma

Designation: Dean, School of Engineering and Technology, Professor

Email: ashwinikumar@kazirangauniversity.in

Academic Qualifications:

  • PhD. in Supply Chain Management, National Institute of Technology, Kurukshetra
  • M. Tech. in Production Engineering, Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College, Punjab Technical University, Ludhiana
  • Post Graduate Diploma in “Steam Engineering” from Forbes Marshall Ltd. Pune.
  • B. E. in Mechanical Engineering, Dr. D. Y. Patil College of Engineering, Pune University, Pune
  • Diploma in Mechanical Engineering from Y. B. Patil Polytechnic, Pune (Bombay board), Pune


  • 18 years in Teaching
  • 6 years in Research

Worked in:

The NorthCap University, Gurugram, Haryana, India

  • Teaching subjects of production and industrial engineering.
  • Mentor 1st year mechanical engineering.
  • Organizing Expert lectures short and long term training program and international conferences for students and faculty.
  • In charge of Student Industrial training and placements.
  • Faculty Advisor of SAE student’s chapter at NCU.
  • In charge of CAD/CAM Lab.
  • Member admission committee, ISO, NBA, NAAC, Entrepreneurship Development Cell, NSS, Anti Ragging and YUKTI team at NCU.
  • Facilitating the NBA and NAAC accreditation work.
  • Facilitating the planning, revising, and implementing of changes in graduate academic programs.
  • Communicating with the college and university on department matters.
  • Establishing and maintaining relationships between the department and constituents outside the university, including alumni, potential students, industrial partners.


International Journals

  • Sharma, A., Dixit, G., and Agarwal, A. (2012), “Quality Management in Supply Chains: A Literature Review”, International Journal for Quality research, 6(3), 193-206. 
  • Sharma, A., Dixit, G., and Agarwal, A. (2013), “Study of Supply Chain Quality Parameters”, Global Journal of Enterprise Information System, 5(1), 11-18.
  • Sharma, A., Dixit, G., and Agarwal, A. (2014), “Product Recall: Supply Chain Quality issue?” International Journal of Intelligent Enterprise, Vol.2 (4), pp. 277-292.
  • Sharma, A., Dixit, G., and Agarwal, A. (2016) “Identification of influential quality management variables using ISM approach” International Journal of Advance operations Management, Vol.8, No.1, pp.38-63.

National Journals

  • Sharma, A., Dixit, G., and Agarwal, A. (2014), “Study of Quality Parameters in Supply Chain of different industries”, Industrial Engineering Journal, 7(13), 09-14.

International Conferences

  • “Quality management in the supply chain – the Case study of an Indian automotive OEM” in an international conference at Bhubneshwer at SOA University.
  • Sharma, A., Dixit, G., and Agarwal, A. (2013), “Supply Chain Quality Management – the Case study of the supplier of automotive OEM”, in 3rd International Conference on Production and Industrial Engineering Proceedings of CPIE-2013, 579-585, National Institute of Technology, Jalandhar”.
  • Sharma, A., Dixit, G., and Agarwal, A. (2013), “SCQM Implementation – A case study of engineering education”, International Conference on Recent trends in Mechanical Engineering, Proceedings of RTME 2013, 238-251, ITM University, Gurgaon”. ISBN: 978-93-83083-35-0
  • Sharma, A., Dixit, G., and Agarwal, A. (2013), “Quality of Supply Chain”, International Conference on Smart Technologies for Mechanical Engineering, Delhi Technological University, Delhi”. 552-557,ISBN: 978-93-83083-35-0
  • Sharma, A., Dixit, G., and Agarwal, A. (2015), “Supply Chain Quality Management in Food Processing” International Conference on Emerging Trends in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering organized by Mechanical Department at NCU.

National Conferences

  • “Quality management in supply chain – the Case study of an Indian automotive OEM” in an international conference at Bhubneshwer at SOA University.
  • “Computer Animated Learning System” at 7th ISTE state Level Annual convention and national seminar (Innovations in Technical Education-Management and Processes) at Indian Institute of Information Technology & Management, Gwalior.
  • “Multimedia learning system” in ISTE conference at Delhi College of Engineering.
  • “Multimedia in engineering & Technology” in ISTE-STTP at MITS, Gwalior.
  • “Design, Fabrication, and Testing of an All-Terrain Vehicle” in National conference on Advancements and Futuristic trends in Mechanical & Industrial Engineering” at Ganpati Institute of Technology & Management, Yamunanagar, Haryana
  • “Design & Analysis of F1 type Racing Vehicle using CAE Tools” in National conference on emerging trends in mechanical engineering at ITM University, Gurgaon.
  • “Quality management in supply chain: A case study of tractor industry” in National conference on emerging trends in mechanical engineering at ITM University, Gurgaon.
  • Sharma, A., Garg, D. and Agarwal, A., (2016), “Supply Chain for Disaster Management: An Empirical Study”, Managing Humanitarian Logistics (pp. 241-252). Springer India. (Book Chapter)
  • Book Chapter
  • Sharma, A., Garg, D., & Agarwal, A. (2016). Supply Chain for Disaster Management: An Empirical Study, in Managing Humanitarian Logistics (pp. 241-252). Springer India.


  • Dual flush toilet (filed in 2013)
  • Tender coconut opener (filed in 2015)

Expert lectures / invited talk:-

  • “Computer Aided Design” at MaharanaPratap College of Technology, Gwalior, 2002.
  • “Multimedia Teaching Aids for Engineers” MITS, Gwalior, July 2004.
  • “CAD/CAM” at JMIT Polytechnic, Yamuna nagar (Haryana), 2004.
  • “CAD Tools for Engineering Students” at LIET, Alwar on 7th August 2010.
  • “Value Added Course on Solidworks” at Solidworks innovation day on 14th October 2011 at hotel Hilton, Delhi. 
  • “Design for foundry sector” on 29th March 2011 at design awareness seminar organized by MSME cluster, Ludhiana. 
  • Design awareness seminar on “Design for small scale industries” organized by Indian industries association with MSME at National Expo on 12th February 2015 at Saharanpur.
  • Expert lecture on “Engineering a fascination or career?” at Anand Engineering College” Kapurthala on 15th February 2016.
  • Organized SUPRASAEINDIA one-day workshop at NCU on 9th April 2016
  • Seminar on “Product Design and Innovation” at Awareness program on Design clinic organized by MSME development institute, Ludhiana and Jalandhar auto parts manufacturing Association, Jalandhar on 21st October 2016.
  • Penal member and speaker in the national workshop on “Funded Student Projects” DCS MSME on 28th and 29th December 2016 at India Habitat Centre, Delhi.
  • Expert talk “Product Design for MSMEs” in the orientation program for stakeholders of Up-scaled Design Clinic Scheme for Design Expertise to MSME manufacturing sector on 1st March 2017 at Rohtak.
  • Expert talk on “Textile Machinery Design” in one-day awareness program on Design Clinic Scheme of Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprise at Panipat on 8th March 2017.
  • Organized expert talk on E-Mobility in association with Imperial society of innovative engineers at IIT Delhi on 8th July 2017.

Short term courses/training programmes:-

  • ISTE sponsored "ADVANCES IN CAD/CAM/CAE" organized by G.S. Institute of Technology and Science, Indore. 12 days (1st to 12th July 2002)
  • AICTE sponsored "Faculty Development Program" organized by Vishvesariya National Institute of Technology, Nagpur. 12 days (5th to 17 January 2004)
  • AICTE-ISTE ISTE  sponsored "Recent Trends Techniques & Multimedia Applications in Mechanical Engineering" organized by Madhav Institute of Technology & Science, Gwalior. 6 days (12 to 17 July 2004)
  • AICTE sponsored "Effective Lecture Design & Delivery" organized by ITM, Gurgaon, 9 days (5 to 13 July 2007)
  • MHRD sponsored “Advanced Materials and Manufacturing” organized by IIT Roorkee, 7 days (13th to 19th  June 2010.)
  • JOHN DEERE sponsored "Faculty Industry Education (FINE)" organized by John Deere, PUNE. 14 days (5th to 19th June 2011)
  • MHRD sponsored "STC on Open Source Technologies through ICT" organized by NITTTR, Chandigarh. 21st to 25th July 2014
  • DASSAULT SYSTEMS sponsored "Faculty Enablement Through Avant-Grade Technology (FEAT 2014)"organized by 3D PLM Software, Pune. 1st to 5th September 2014.
  • ITM sponsored "Faculty Development Program" organized by ITM University, 8-12 June 2015.
  • Autodesk sponsored "Faculty Development Program on Autodesk Inventor", organized by NCU. 6 days (19th to 24th December 2015).
  • SAENCU STC for the students "Shape your imagination". The workshop included inputs regarding Design, Manufacturing, 3D Printing and Robotics.  (30 Days) 12th Dec 2016 to 12th Jan 2017
  • AICTE sponsored STC on "Quality Management: Issues tools and Techniques" organized by IIT Roorkee. 12 days (29th May to 9th June 2017)