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Student Mentorship Programme

Academic Mentorship :

A diverse international community means diverse academic backgrounds. A sound academic monitoring and mentoring system has been established to ensure that students do not fall behind academically and meet the requisite standards within a short span of time. In this regard, the following structure is suggested:

  • One Professor is appointed as an Academic Mentor to the international students;
  • The Academic Mentor will be a professor from the same department as the mentee;
  • The Academic Mentorship programme runs for the first year of each international student;
  • The Academic Mentor monitors the academic performances through numerous methods:
  • Weekly meetings with the mentee for the first semester to discuss any issues that the mentee may face, including in relation to academic pressure, inability to comprehend any subjects or differences with faculty;
  • Monthly academic and attendance updates from faculty members involved in teaching the mentee;
    • Consolidated updates of results of tests taken by the mentee.
  • Where a mentee faces academic issues, the Academic Mentor is responsible for ensuring a viable solution to the issue faced by the mentee, including by counselling the student, meeting with the concerned faculty and, recommending and arranging remedial classes for the mentee;
  • The Academic Mentors are also responsible for overseeing the Social Mentorships Programme of their mentee;
  • The Academic Mentors are responsible for incident response, including in cases of medical and other emergencies, accidents, critical incidents, and natural disasters;
  • All Academic Mentors for international students meet once a month to discuss any common problems being faced by the international students and find solutions to the same.

Social Mentorship :

Alongwith academic mentorship, it is important that ensure social mentorship in order to ensure that students integrate into the KU community as well as the local community with ease and reduce instances of cultural shock and homesickness. Such Social Mentorship is structured in a “Student Buddy” format, as discussed below:

  • First year international students are provided the opportunity to gain valuable insight from a Student Buddy who will be assigned to each international student;
  • The Student Buddy is responsible for ensuring that the international student is accustomed to life at KU and the broader community, and helps students with issues like home sickness, cultural, social and academic adjustment;
  • The Student Buddy is a sociable student selected from a senior batch that is nominated by the Dean of each school for the international students of that particular school.