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Placement Guidelines


For successful implementation of campus placement processes at Kaziranga University (KU), all placement activities will be guided by the following guidelines:

  • All KU students are eligible for the placement based on the following criteria.
  • A student must have a minimum of 75% attendance in his/her classes.
  • A student with more than 2active backlogs will not be eligible for placements.
  • A student should secure a minimum of 5.5 CGPA in his/her respective discipline in line with industry norms and requirements.
  • There should not be any record of disciplinary action(s) initiated against the student.
  • A student should have minimum of 85% attendance in the training and placement sessions conducted by Career Development & Placement Cell (CDPC).
  • A student once offered placement will not be allowed to seek further placement unless 100% placement of the batch is obtained. However, it will be the prerogative of the KU management to consider exceptions as deemed necessary.
  • Once a student opts for a placement drive for a specific company, his/her placement location will be decided by the company’s hiring norms. It must be noted that the student may be placed anywhere in India / abroad and Placement Cell/KU Management will not have any control whatsoever on the location decision.
  • A student can voluntarily opt out from the campus placement process by signing the prescribed declaration form. All such students shall be considered as “Opted out from placement” for the purpose of records.
  • Any student, who obtains a job by his own effort needs to communicate the same to the campus placement committee for the purpose of alumni record keeping.
  • Any student found misbehaving with any personnel related to campus recruitment process, both in-house and external, may be debarred from campus placement with immediate effect.
  • No student is permitted to contact directly/indirectly to any company officialparticipating in campus recruitment processes for any purpose whatsoever. Any student found indulging into such activities may face the consequence of getting debarred from further campus placement process.
  • Student(s) opting out after successfully clearing any round of selection processand found not attending the next level of selection process, will bedebarred from participating in placement process with immediate effect.
  • The University does not guarantee placement. However,all possible placement related assistance will be provided to each and every students of KU based on student’s potential, area of specialization and market demand etc. No individual preferencesfor seeking placement will be entertained.
  • Students should be open to attend off campus placement drivesas deemed necessary.
  • An eligible student, who fails to attend two consecutive drives will be debarred from further placements.

"Placement department seeks your kind support and co-cooperation to make the KU placement initiatives effective and fruitful"

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