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Community outreach programme on climate change in Bhokatpama Village, Jorhat; A field lab practicum

17 May, 2022


The community outreach programme on the topic of climate change was conducted in Bhokatpama Village, Jorhat, Assam. The purpose of the community outreach programme was to enhance the practice skills and field practicum among social work trainees in the Department of Social Work, School of Social Sciences, The Assam Kaziranga University. The following social work trainees of MSW & BSW II SEM  - Anjuman Ara Begum, Ilio Seth Luikham, Arenlong  Imsong, Momota Devi Sonari, Pezachuno Angami, Pulin Pegu, Shabnam Yesmin Begum, Susmita Kakati, Tanushree Thapa, Utpala Bora under the supervision of Harikrishnan U (Faculty, SSS) successfully completed their fieldwork starting from  21st March to 29th April 2022.

During the field work, the group of trainees focused on the three major objectives -  a) understanding the issues related to climate change, b) planning the programmes and c) implementing community-based programmes. The trainees visited around 90 houses in the village and assessed the issues related to climate change. The trainee also did focused group discussions among self-help group members, and key informants in the community on  issues related to climate change. The majority of the respondents are farmers facing  issues like scarcity of water, seasonal changes, lack of labour, and multiple disasters and vulnerability in their livelihood. The study also found that there is  a lack of awareness among the community of people on climate change.

There were two programmes conducted  by the social work trainees after doing a  brief assessment of climate change with the help of community members. In an awareness programme conducted on climate change, a total number of around 20 farmers participated.  The discussion was headed by the social work trainees and the programme focused on highlighting thr preventive measures for climate change. Another programme was conducted in a lower primary school based on the same issue.  Besides, a plantation drive and an art competition was conducted among the school children where eighteen school children participated and the prizes were distributed by the school authority and social work trainees.