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International Workshop in Civil Engineering Conducted at KU

25 Jan, 2019


The Department of Civil Engineering, Kaziranga University, organized the two-day International workshop on Advances in Sustainable Civil Infrastructure Development (IWASCID-2019) on January 22nd-23rd 2019 in the University campus.

The event brought together some 8 eminent speakers from 4 different countries including Malaysia, China, Australia and India to discuss in depth about the role of civil engineers in design and implementation of sustainable civil infrastructure. The possible developments, expansion of the capacity of existing infrastructures, addressing current and future development challenges and implementation of latest research in the various fields of civil engineering for high performance. It also provided a valuable networking opportunity and set the stage for further cooperation among the various government organizations and academic institutions in India and beyond.

The workshop began with opening remarks by the Head of the Department of Civil Engineering, Kaziranga University, the Chairman, Co-chairman, Chief Guest and Convener. The workshop then continued with interactive panel discussions, presentations and briefings on various topics of Civil Engineering. It concluded with a set of presentations of real world cases describing new and noteworthy initiatives relevant to the workshop theme, specifically on Alternative Road Construction Technologies, Portal Frame-Shaped Slope-Stabilizing Pile, Cyclically Loaded Pile Foundations, Structural Reliability of Movable Marine Assets, and Static and seismic active earth pressure on rigid retaining structures.