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Kaziranga University conducts TechBlitz 2018, a 3-day Technological Extravaganza for Higher Secondary Students

01 Nov, 2018

Organized with the aim of helping young students from across the region understand the needs of the industry today, Kaziranga University conducted the second edition of TechBlitz, the 3-day on-campus Technological Extravaganza for Higher Secondary Students, on the 29th, 30th and 31st of October 2018. Mainly for the students of Class 12 (Science), the objective of the TechBlitz 2018 was to orient students on the latest developments in the Engineering and Technological world through multiple hands-on experiences, thereby inculcating a spirit of inquisitiveness amongst the students. The workshop witnessed 841 students, accompanied by 68 faculty members, from 23 institutes, hailing from various states of the North East, and provided a valuable opportunity for students to meet and interact with similarly aged but culturally diverse students from the same class and stream. It aimed at empowering them to choose their field of passion as they stand on the brink of choosing their future careers. The 2018 edition of TechBlitz focused on robotics, internet of things, cloud computing, hydraulic propulsion and artificial intelligence amongst others. Students of Kaziranga University exhibited and presented various projects undertaken by them that included Line Following Robots, a Smart Dustbin, street light monitoring system based on LDR sensors and a Magical Mirror amongst others. Patent applications have been filed by the students for a number of these projects. It is noteworthy that all projects presented over the course of the workshop had multiple commercial applications, as well as were socially beneficial. These projects were also created with minimal resources and sought to seek a way to reduce the costs involved in building similar robots. All projects were mentored and led by the faculty members of the School of Engineering and Technology (SET), which includes illustrious names like Dr. P. G. Ramesh, former Deputy Director of the Indian Naval Command Headquarters, the Dean of SET, Dr. Ashwini Kumar Sharma, Dr. Sajal Saha, Prof. Priyakshi Bharali among other distinguished names. The participating students were provided the opportunity to physically and practically operate live robots, and the other projects, enabling them to understand the various nuances involved in such technologies. In the opening ceremony, the Vice – Chancellor of Kaziranga University, Dr. P.K Mishra, emphasised on the need to keep ourselves updated with the recent trends in technology and on the need to acquire practical education in this regard. Other speakers included the Dean of Admissions at Kaziranga University, who provided an insight into what the future will be like and the nature of education that students require to stay abreast with the times. The workshop also had the honour of hosting Mr. Hari R., the GMU Lead, STG Tech University Business Development & Ecosystem at IBM India Private Limited. Mr. Hari spoke about the collaboration between IBM and Kaziranga University in delivering the Bachelors of Technology programmes. He focused on the relevancy of maintaining a contemporary syllabus that is industry relevant. This event is a clear reflection of Kaziranga University’s commitment to developing quality individuals from the North-East, who will be equipped with the knowledge and skills required for the growth of the nation. All participants highly appreciated the efforts taken to make TechBlitz 2018 an extremely engaging and interesting workshop, and this completely student-driven event undertaken by the students of Kaziranga University successfully created an interface between industry and classroom learning. Shaping young minds has always been a priority for the University, and with events like TechBlitz, the University will continue working towards that goal.