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Webinar on "Covid-19 and its impact on the mental health of the youths" organized by the School of Social Sciences

03 Jun, 2021


The school of social sciences, The Assam Kaziranga University organized a webinar on 29th May 2021 on the topic "Covid-19 and its impact on the mental health of the youths". The key speaker of the webinar was Ms. Sampurna Baruah who is currently working as an Assistant Professor at the center for studies in applied psychology in Dibrugarh University. Ms. Baruah’s educational background includes an M.Phill in counseling psychology from Amity Institute of Psychology and Allied Sciences Noida, India. The two hour session basically revolved around the importance of mental health during the Covid-19 pandemic.

In her session, Ms Baruah highlighted various points as to why one should not ignore his/her mental health and what are the measures and techniques that can be used in order to maintain one's sanity in the present time.  She had also discussed about how mental health can impact one's physical health too or vice versa; about how the problem of mental health is equally important and can be treated like any other disease; she cited various examples of researchers who were engaged on the topic of mental health and Covid-19. She also talked about the diverse ways that can help minimise the problem of stress and anxiety during these stressful times.  Being  physically active, not worrying too much about the things in life or worrying only for a limited span of time, engaging on our hobbies, talking or keeping tabs on our far-off relatives/loved ones through phones or social media – these are some of the ways that can help in minimizing the problem of stress. 

The webinar was a really productive one. There were about 70 plus students including facilities who actively participated in the webinar and made it a successful one.