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Webinar on ‘Constitution of India and the concept of Social Justice’ organized by the School of Social Sciences.

08 May, 2021


The school of social sciences,The Assam Kaziranga University organized a webinar on ‘Constitution of India and the concept of Social Justice’ on 6th May, 2021. The key speaker of the webinar was Ms. Amrita Sarkar who is an experienced legal practitioner; an advocate residing in the South Delhi. Delivering her presentation on the above mentioned topic, Ms. Sarkar highlighted some of the quite significant questions and aspects pertaining to law and the legal system in India including how law as a mechanism or tool functions; its existence, effectiveness and implementation in society; what are the various types of legislation that can help a diversified country like India; are we really achieving justices, is law equally needed for everyone etc. Her presentation also touched upon some of the important portions of the syllabus presided for the social work students of the school. The speaker had also discussed about the concepts like ‘Social Justice’, ‘Responsible Citizen’ by citing practical scenarios and experiences.  At a situation when the ongoing pandemic has adversely affected the teaching-learning process and deprived the students of attending offline classes, this session proved much insightful and effective. The webinar was very fruitful for the students of Social Work, and it will certainly help students build the sense of responsible citizen in them. A good number of students and faculty members participated in the webinar. The TAKU School of Social Sciences express its gratitude to Mr. Anirban Saikia, Manager - International Relations & Admissions, and in-house Legal Advisor of The Assam Kaziranga University for helping the school to organize this webinar.

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