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Workshop on Sexual Harassment on Women and Imparting Life Skills to Take Care In different Situations

19 May, 2021


The School of Social Sciences, The Assam Kaziranga University Organised a one day workshop on 15th May, 2021 in collaboration with Durga India which is a Bangalore based Non-Governmental Organization actively working on nurturing youths to stand for the cause of 'Gender Equality’.

The workshop was split into two sessions. The first session started at 9.30 AM and continued to 12.30 PM. The three hour session centered around the topic of 'Sexual Harassment on Women and Imparting Life Skills to Take Care In different Situations ', where Abirami S and Margaret Johnson were the key speakers. Margaret is a Youth Engagement Strategist, and a certified experimental learning trainer and a transformation coach while Abirami Sundar is a social worker by profession and First Aid and CPR Provider, and a marine conservation enthusiast who has been associated with Durga India as a programme coordinator. The session started with a brief introduction of all the students participating in the workshop followed by an assessment of the participants’   knowledge of the currents situations, their attitude and approach to the issue of sexual harassment. Both the speakers conducted a very interesting theatre game using the techniques of ‘Forum Theatre’ to explain sexual harassment, tolerance and finally individual and collective intervention.

The second session started at 2:00 PM in a very enthusiastic manner with making the participants perform certain activities in order to 'break the ice' and make everyone feel comfortable. The entire session was very interactive where the concept of 'Safety' of women was discussed by stating various real life instances by the speakers in the form of 'Short Play'. Participants were given opportunity to showcase their own views and opinion on the concept of Safety and effective measures were put forwarded by the speakers on how we can keep ourselves safe and alert, as well as what immediate and further steps can be taken against any sort of Sexual Harassment against Women.

The workshop also touched upon some of the important aspects related to women’s safety and empowerment such as -   Safety Habits, Physical Self-defence, Confidence Building, Setting Individual Goals etc. The speakers also discussed and shared relevant information about some  of their key projects including  ‘Durga Panic Alarms in Public Transport’, ‘VOICE’, ‘The Flagships Durga Workshop’ to name a few.

The workshop was insightful and useful for the students. A total of 70 plus students wholeheartedly participated in the workshop and engaged in meaningful interaction with the speakers.